A Competitive Edge:Real Estate Round Table

with Geoffrey Middleton, Attorney

The classes listed on this page are intended for informal education only. They are not CE classes and nothing in these classes should be used in place of actual legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you have any real property issues. 

Each month in this class series we’ll be covering a new real estate or legal topic that local Realtors may encounter. Every class will include about 20-30 minutes of discussion followed by a half-hour long Q&A period with the attorney where Realtors can get answers to their own questions.

Classes are all one hour long, completely free, and virtual. 

For CE classes by Middleton & Associates School of Real Estate, Click here.

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Turning a House into a Home:
Converting Renters to Buyers Through the Homeownership Program
featuring guest speaker Quinton Young, Homeownership Coordinator at HHA
Tues, Aug 6, 2024 | 10:00-11:00am
Always free. Always virtual.

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